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Forming an LLC in Pennsylvania


Message from the Founder

LLC in PA Founder

Hi, Matthew Horwitz here, founder of LLC University®.

At LLC University® we do things a little bit differently…

Instead of overcharging for an expensive service, we teach you how to form your Pennsylvania LLC, yourself.

This way, you’ll save hundreds (if not thousands of dollars) by filing your LLC directly with the State.

Again, we teach entrepreneurs & real estate investors how to form limited liability companies (LLCs) in Pennsylvania.

We’ll give you step-by-step video tutorials.

We’ll provide you with all documentation you need.

We’ll show you how to fill everything out correctly.

Why Form an LLC in PA?

Most importantly, forming an LLC in Pennsylvania protects your personal assets if you’re sued.

An LLC also legitimizes your businesses and let’s you take business tax write offs.

Let’s Discuss How You Can Form Your LLC…

Option 1: Hire a Lawyer

The first way you can form your LLC is to hire a lawyer.

Now, there isn’t anything particularly wrong about how lawyers form LLCs…

They are just expensive!

You’ll end up spending $1,000 – $1,500 to get your LLC formed.

Most people don’t have extra cash like that just laying around (do you?)…

Especially people just trying to get their business off the ground.

Option 2: Document Filing Website

There are many websites that will form your LLC for you, but I have a couple of issues with these sites…

Confusing Packages – these sites usually have 3-4 different types of checkout packages.

They are sometimes called “Bronze”, “Silver”, or “Gold”… or something similar.

This drives me crazy because they just try to “get you in the door”, and then by the time you are done checking out, they’ve tried to upsell you 4 additional items…

Most of which you’re not even sure if you need.

A lot of times these things aren’t even needed… they just toss them in their to make their packages look better and to get you to spend more money.

Hidden Fees – FAR TOO MANY of these website force you to use their Registered Agent services… and you don’t even know it!

If you read the asterisks carefully (little stars at the bottom of the page) you’ll see that they automatically charge you for these services, and even worse, is that they auto charge you every year.

You can be your LLC’s Registered Agent (most website don’t mention this).

Alternatively, it can also be a friend or a family member, who has an address in the state.

Or, if you don’t know anyone, you can hire a Commercial Registered Agent.

If you hire a Commercial Registered Agent, we recommend Northwest Registered Agent… not companies that trick you into hiring them.

No Federal Tax ID Number – It’s important to know that these websites charge extra to obtain your Tax ID Number (aka, your EIN).

Well guess what… the IRS does not even charge a penny for this.

It’s a completely free service.

So why are these companies charging $49-$75 dollars for it??

We’ll teach you how to get your EIN from the IRS for free.

They. Are. Slow. – Most of these websites will take 3-6 weeks to form your LLC.

That’s not how long it should take for your LLC to approved.

It only takes 5-10 days for the state to approve your LLC.

You’re much better off sending your documents to the state yourself.

Overpriced! - OMG! Talk about a rip off!

So many of these websites are charging $300-$700 to form an LLC…

And that doesn’t include the State filing fee of $125.

Some websites even have the guts to charge $750+ to form an LLC.

Wow, this is just insane.

It doesn’t cost anywhere near this much to form an LLC.

Again, the Pennsylvania State filing is only $125.

Okay, so look…

I get pretty passionate when I see companies so blatantly taking advantage of people.

It just rubs me the wrong way.

(maybe I’ve been screwed over too many times in the past… and I hate seeing it happen to others…)

So what are your other options if you want to form an LLC?

Here is Option #3…

I encourage you to check out our LLC Formation Course™.

Inside the course, we’ll teach you, step-by-step how to form your LLC.

Since you file directly with the State, your LLC will be approved in just 7-10 business days (not 30+ days!).

We have just one package.

Everything you need is inside the course.

No upsells.

No forced recurring payments.

No hidden fees.

You literally get to “look over the shoulder” of a business formation expert (someone who has formed HUNDREDs of LLCs) and watch as they go line-by-line through all of the LLC Formation Documents.

There are 4 main lessons in the course.

Each has a step-by-step video tutorial.

(each video is about 5-10 minutes long)…

…and we also provide all the LLC Formation Documents at no additional charge.

If you’d like to learn more about the LLC Formation Course™,  check out our explainer video.

It’s about 5 minutes long:


If you have any questions, feel free to call or email me.

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Matthew “There’s a better way” Horwitz
Founder, LLC University®
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